Network Management & Control

Wireless communications, whether it is for public safety or cellular applications have become a critical infrastructure service. As a result being able to manage wireless coverage systems is a key requirement for many network operators and enterprises. Both DAS and coverage systems present some unique challenges due to the large geographic distribution of many installed products. For example the distance between remotes on a DAS system on a campus site might be 2km, and off air products could be located in different cities.  Thus management tools that rely on being able to access the product locally are simply not operationally viable.  Equally the locations where many DAS systems and coverage products are installed are often in places where access is not readily available and permissions need to be granted, for example in tunnels or in secure communications rooms. Thus Axell’s management systems allow full control and management of Axell DAS and coverage products remotely and through a variety of connection methods.

Many of Axell’s products are software defined, so as and when there is a need to make a change in frequencies or for example support a new wireless technology these can be carried out remotely using one of Axell’s management tools.


  • AEM

    The AEM management system is a complete operations and support centre for Axell DAS and coverage products.

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  • Web Interface

    Axell’s web based management tools provide a web browser interface for Axell DAS and coverage products.

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