Axell Wireless delivers state-of-the-art wireless coverage solutions that give customers a competitive edge.

Our advanced wireless coverage and capacity delivery systems produce innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions that address market requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better user experience.

Our trusted products and managed services offerings provide a dynamic approach to delivering cellular and public safety communications within a variety of challenging environments including buildings, stadiums, transportation, and outdoor venues.

Customers include The Shard skyscraper, Dulles International Airport, Heathrow Terminal 5, landmark train tunnels across the globe and the underground transport metro systems in Berlin, Beijing, Doha and Singapore.

Our Purpose

At Axell Wireless, we have a clear purpose that unites all parts of the Company; it’s what drives us to a higher level of performance, and we believe in pushing our potential to the maximum.

We have a unique role in the world; we’re a company that has both been places, and is going places in the future. Those places can be dangerous, thrilling, life enhancing and a million things in-between.

While the projects we undertake are incredibly varied, we approach them all with same mind-set; we’re bold, we’re determined, we’re inventive and we work together – with our customers, our partners and each other, as a team.  

Regardless of the size or complexity of the job ahead, we believe in putting the same high-level of scrutiny, tenacity and energy into everything we do – for us, Every Mission Matters.

We’re Bold – our future will be shaped by our courage, audacity to dream and a desire to do the right thing.

We’re Inventive – we constantly challenge and seek new ideas.

We’re Determined – we go that extra mile, tackle every challenge, meet the highest standards and do the right thing – always.

We are a Team – working collaboratively, with integrity, trusting in each other.

That’s what it means to Be Axell Wireless.

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Our History

Building on a strong foundation of market leadership, combined with over 40 years of experience and a wealth of heritage, Axell Wireless was formed as a result of the coming together of global test and measurement vendor, Aeroflex Wireless, and leading Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) provider, Axell Wireless.

Axell Wireless pioneered wireless coverage and DAS solutions for over 40 years, selling to over 150 countries and working with more than 170 mobile and public safety network operators. 

The Wireless division grew with acquisitions including Marconi Instruments, Racal Instruments, Ubinetics, and Shenick Network Systems, to become a world leader in providing cutting-edge development for mobile and IP networks. 

As an international company, with a network of offices all over the world, you are never far away from the Axell Wireless team. 

Connected, Seamless, Wireless

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