Active Point of Interface

The APOI (Active Point of Interface) has a patented Smart ALC control loop that enables auto calibration per each APOI port. The Smart ALC algorithm will cause the APOI to provide constant pilot signals in all traffic scenarios while maintaining the output power levels required. The APOI also enables manual calibration per port when required by the operators. Up to 5 APOI shelves can be cascaded together via the IP switch and display card. The LCD will display the APOI shelf number.

Remote management can be done via wireless modem or Ethernet. The modem types available are GSM, WCDMA or CDMA 1x. The system can be monitored and controlled via the Axell Wireless’ network management software – AEM.


  • Up to 16 BTS ports per APOI shelf, supported by 8 BTS Interface modules (BTSI)
  • Up to of 80 BTS ports supported by 5 cascaded APOI shelves
  • Smart ALC algorithm (patented) enables auto commissioning per port or Manual calibration per port
  • Multiple operator, multiple sector and MIMO support via single APOI shelf
  • Compact 3U rack
  • Internal pilot tones per each band enable to test the DAS installation and verify all DAS RF connections
  • Web based management, remote management via Ethernet or through wireless modem
  • Simple integration to AEM network management software or any other 3rd party NOC via SNMP traps