Please read Section 1 and 2, the procedure for returning warranty and non-warranty products and the investigation fee are explained here. Please read Section 3 for advance replacement. Following this RMA procedure will lead to a faster repair of any equipment sent back to us.

Once the document has been received an RMA number can be issued.

Section 1 – Warranty products

Warranty products will be handled under the standard Axell Wireless terms and conditions of your agreement.

Section 2 – Non-Warranty Products

Investigation fee

The Axell Wireless RMA process includes the charging of an investigation fee whenever the product to be repaired is not under warranty. This fee covers investigation time and resource needed to identify any problems.

Before an RMA number is issued, please confirm your acceptance of the investigation fee:

  • £300 for active equipment
  • £150 for passive equipment

The acceptance of the investigation fee can be done by sending Axell Wireless a purchase order or equivalent (email, letter or fax that confirms the acceptance).

The investigation will commence on receipt of this acceptance and a quotation for the repair cost will be communicated back to you within 10 working days, under normal circumstances.

If you accept the repair cost, we will request a purchase order from you for the amount. On receipt of this, the repair can begin.

In such cases, the investigation fee will not be charged.

Please be aware that if the cost of repair is not accepted, or no fault is found, we will send an invoice for the investigation fee. Unless collection of the faulty unit has been arranged within 60 working days Axell Wireless reserves the right to keep or dispose of the returned item.

Section 3 – Advance Replacements

For RMA returns after receiving an advance replacement, please note:

If the faulty unit/s are not returned within 30 day from receipt of the replacement unit/s then the replacement unit/s will be charged.

Section 4 – Request form for RMA number

Shipping instructions

All goods should be shipped direct to our facility at: 

Axell Wireless Ltd,
Unit 6, Sands 10 Industrial Estate, 
High Wycombe, 
HP12 4HS, 
United Kingdom

Please ensure all paperwork accompanying the goods to be repaired clearly shows the RMA number.

Furthermore, in order to avoid duty charges being incurred on either the import or export, please ensure that all shipping paperwork clearly states the goods are being returned for repair and that it is a temporary export.